Intelligent speech comprehension

Based on patents pending NLP technology
Speak and get results
No typing or filling of forms
Handles reasonable variations in accents, pronunciation
Handles synonyms, abbreviations
Improves with time

Speech Demo for real estate

Our voice automatic speech recognition interface offers a unique experience that is unique & optimized for mobile devices.
Your user can make voice queries like
"I am looking for a 2 bedroom apartment within 7 kilometers of airport"
and see results instantly. We are based on a very powerful natural language understanding / semantic engine which makes search as easy and fast as asking your phone to give you the results.

Made for Mobile Commerce

Mobiles have limited visual space by design. ThatNeedle’s Voice search provides a cleaner, more effective and natural search experience to the users with a single click. No more tedious forms and typing.
No need to struggle with speech to text solutions in the market, and all the errors.
Focus on growing your business, let us fix your mobile experience.

Speech: Hindi/English Mix
Speech: South Indian Accent
Speech: Noisy environment (railway station)