Named Entity Recognition

You can instantly and accurately perform entity extraction from text.
Our NER extractor uses state of the art natural language understanding/NLP to give you best results.
It is based on ThatNeedle's proprietary high-precision and high-recall language processing stack.

$3000 $1500
Limited period 50% discount.


We will give you semantically better results than other commercial and open-source entity extraction solution in the market today. This is because we are not based on finding keywords and tagging them.
We go deeper into the semantics and understand the intent of the text better than others to give you the best entity recognition.

How fast? Practically instant for most messages!
Want figures? 10 milliseconds for processing most sentences.
Local & Cloud

NEW!! You can now host our entity extracting binaries on your premisis!
This leads to reduced latency and maximum protection of your data.
We also deploy our NER/extractor service via an API in the cloud.
That means you don't need to indulge in setup and infrastructure.
No expertise needed

You don't need to be an expert in NLP, machine learning(ML), data-science etc. No need to get acquianted with all the mumbo-jumbo. Just let us know your needs and we will custom create exactly the entity extraction you need for your business.

Custom Entity Extractor

Let us know about your custom entity extraction needs. We will create the best solution for your NER needs.
The cost would be over and above the default price mentioned above.

About Named Entity Recognition

NER labels information in text into pre-defined categories, or classes such as location, names of people etc. It is a loosely used term to also include entity-extraction of information such as dates etc

Entities could be any useful data or information for example, date time, names, location etc that could be stored or used for processing.

Out of the box, it could be used as an effective and faster alternative to Microsoft Luis, IBM watson,, etc