Natural language processing libraries
Blazingly fast ( < 1ms )

C++ NLP library - You will get a header file and a .a file (binary static library) that you can use with your C++ program.

Python NLP library - You will get a .so file (binary) that you can import in your Python code.

Java NLP library - Coming soon !

Native, Offline libraries

Our commercial Natural language processing library is a high performance tool for text analysis of your user search queries. Use it as a text analyzer for better understanding of the natural language queries. Deliver better search results (i.e convert natural language to sql query).
It has been implemented in C and C++, gives you native efficiency and can be integrated with Java backends or other high level languages like Python, PHP, Perl etc.

Fast language processing

Fast analysis of natural language with average time of 1ms for 10 word queries. This is an order of magnitude faster than some of the big names providing such services. (PAAS, IAAS). This is ideal for real time NLP.

No GPU required!

ThatNeedle's NLP libraries are not dependent on GPUs/hardware accelerators.
They work on CPUs and this makes for cost efficient operations.


Many of our libraries are less than 4MB on disk and are ideal for embedding in edge devices and offline applications.

Custom Needs?

We can incorporate your custom language processing needs into a custom library. It will enjoy the same level of high performance ThatNeedle is known for. We only charge a reasonable fee for the customization that's only a fraction your inhouse engineering cost.
You should definitely consider ThatNeedle library as an alternative to Stanford NLP, NLTK or other open-source frameworks especially for realtime offline nlp applications or where speed, size are important. It also performs better than commercial alternatives like Watson, LUIS,,, etc. and also the open source alternatives like NLTK, spacy etc. Please get in touch with your needs.

Ready to be plugged in

Integration of ThatNeedle library into your application is easy. All it takes is a restful call or a native function call to harness the the power of many years of intense research into NLP.
Apart from the restful API that enable you to have NLP offline (on your premises without internet), we also have python, C++ interfaces and others to the nlp library.