Convert natural language to filters

Deep Text Analysis API

ThatNeedle Natural language processing API is the most convenient tool for text analysis of your user search queries. Using it as a text analyzer for better understanding of the natural language queries allows you to deliver better search results (i.e convert natural language to sql query) Better search results quality will lead to improved click-through rates.
Our deep learning of the retail domain is showing fantastic results. You should give it a

Fast API - getting faster

Fast analysis of natural language with average time of 3ms.
It's instant nature will enable you to use it as real-time NLP API for your business. Our NLP services are ideally suited for commercial use as a tool to enhance your ecommerce site.

Semantic search - better search relevance

Enable semantic search on your website without overhauling your databases, schemas. You can easily convert natural language to filters using our API and then easily create SQL query from there.
Our semantic analysis of user queries will enable semantic information retrieval on traditional non-semantic databases and schemas.
You will be able to receive structured information from unstructered text, and you can query your database using traditional SQL queries that you can created from structured information provided by our API.

Ready to be plugged in

Integration of the API into your search box is super easy with our cloud NLP api service.
All you need is to make call a url to process natural language queries and you will receive results as json formatted text instantly. All language processing is done in the cloud and you don't have to worry about establishing an expensive team of nlp experts or setting up hig-end machines. It is the easy way to convert english to sql query and give a natural language interface to your users.

See also our natural language named entity recognition utility